The Wise Society: Conjunction (Book One)

The Wise Society: Conjunction (Book One)

by A.D. Zoltan and Steven N. Nagy

In 2625, the Earth is ahead of big changes, the biggest superpowers have been just tricked by a genius man called ‘Erin’, which leads to a completely new world order.

The story continues in the year 3800, where a future artificial intelligence technology so-called ‘CIS’ (Central Intelligent System) assists humanity to make the Solar system a better place. After the discovery of intergalactic travel technology, humankind initiates a mission to the four most likely habited planets in order to bring their own civilization to the next maturity level. ‘Keat’ who has a deep interest in the “big questions” of life is part of the first mission which turns their wealthy, human civilization upside down without facing any enemies.


Discussions between Keat and CIS
(Stories not part of the book)

Will the United States ever collapse?

Keat: Ahh, ownership, we learned so much about this old fashioned phenomena at school

What item from today could an archaeologist find that would falsely depict our time period?

Keat: CIS, several days ago I saw a strange picture in the archive, which was written in old English language and says ‘Black Friday’.

Expected release date
2019 August
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