The Wise Society: 93 Laws of Robotics (Book Two)

The First Book Written To Artificial Intelligence

Expected Release Date: 2022

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Teaching Common Sense to Artificial Intelligence

Do you remember Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics”?
What if I say these laws would be more relevant in the future then today?

But Asimov’s list is barely complete, it misses the most important values of humanity. We want robots who understand the complexity of mankind, and able to decide what is “the right thing”. Common sense is a hard thing to learn, children have a good mechanism for that, but robots won’t have any childhood, so we will need some kind of “Bible” for them.

The book consists of two parts:

  1. CIS and Erin’s story (fiction) – In this part you will learn what events happened after the development of the Earth’s first Super Artificial Intelligence (Part of “The Wise Society” series)
  2. 93 Laws of Robotics (non-fiction) – In this part I researched the most important values and principles of humanity, which are intented to teach to future Artificial General Intelligences
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