93 Laws of Robotics

The First Book Written To Artificial Intelligence

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Non-fiction · AI · AGI · Ethics · Common Sense · Short Book

The book is primarily aimed at AI researchers and developers, to provide an ethical micro corpus that could serve as input for future AI, possibly AGI, systems.

Teaching Common Sense to Artificial Intelligence

Do you remember Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics?
What if I told you that these laws are more relevant now than ever before?
But Asimov’s list is barely complete, it misses the most important values of humanity.

Our goal is to create an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that can comprehend the intricate nature of humanity and make judgments knowing what is right.

AGI don’t have the opportunity to learn common sense during a childhood, we will need to provide them with a “Bible” of sorts to guide their understanding.

In the world of LLMs it’s essential to have a mini corpus that could be the basis of AI ethics.

You are holding this book in your hand.

I encourage all Human readers to share their ideas and suggestions about the laws, including new ones and modifications to existing ones. In future editions, I will incorporate ideas from the AI community.

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